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Hi hoping some of you can help with a few questions. We went to view a very nice camp resort with the intent of making an offer on a seasonal camper. The owners has paid the full seasonal fee, they will be leaving on August 15 and we would like to have been there on the 16th. The problem is that the owners policy is that we need to pay the full $3,700 dollar fee for the three months that we would be there, and then pay the next seasons (same amount) fee by the end of December to save a certain percent.

Question 1) is this the policy at most camp grounds when purchasing, because it seems like the current owners are getting screwed because they get no money back. Then we come in and pay over $7,000 in a matter of 6 months.

Question 2) is this even legal? we are of the opinion that the site has been paid for, for the season.

To top it off the current owners have been at this site since 1999!

What is the general policies that folks purchasing have experienced?

Look forward to hearing some feedback.

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