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Product reviews.

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Well, I personally don't like to buy anything until I have surfed around for reviews on it.

The one thing I am finding is a lack of reviews on camping products.

I went out on a limb and bought something completely new to me, even though I hadn't read a review on it.......

Microfiber towels.

We are going up to Erie to Splash Lagoon next weekend, and I read reviews on Splash Lagoon that said their lockers were tiny and expensive to rent, and that if you don't rent a locker people steal your stuff, AND that the water park runs out of the "complimentary" towels that they provide......

I decided to by some XL microfiber towels to use at the water park since they are also a camping item and I can fit all four towels easily in a tiny locker.

I will keep you posted on how well they work.

Anyone else here have a review on a camping product... positive or negative?

I am looking into "buzz off" mosquito repellant clothing and it is so $$$$$$$$$. I hate to spend that kinda money without knowing that they work well, fit well, wash well... etc.

I am also looking into some dehumidifier crystal for my tent to keep my tent dry and my blankets from getting soggy....
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This is true, many products are hard to find reviews about, maybe that would be a good addition to the site here, some way for members to review different camping products.

Keep us posted on the above, you can be the:thumbup2: first reviewer
I have a hammock too from that I will be giving a review on as soon as the weather breaks and I can hang that baby up and take a lounging swing!

We can get our own little camping epinions going!!!
Yes product reviews are a great addition to the site. I was thinking about all the things that I find useful while camping or travelling that I normally would not use at home.

It would help to see what everyone else is using to make things easier and more fun while on the road.
I think we can arrange this

Ok, I have a solution for this that I think will work perfect. Expect this to be live in the next week or 2. I will be counting on yall to review some things to help kick start it. I agree, this would be an excellent thing for the community.

Here is some info about what it will be like.

- Members can add products with pictures
- Members will be able to submit reviews and comments on other product listings
- Members can rate products on a scale from 1 to 5 and the average rating will be automatically totalled and displayed
- You will be able to enter pros and cons for the product
- You will be able to "subscribe" to the product if desired, to recieve an email when a new review is posted for it.
- You will be able to add products to your favorites if there is something you want to bookmark for later viewing
- Search products by keyword

and much more.... Stay tuned.
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Cant wait to see this, I will definitely add some reviews of things we have used. It would be very helpful, I searched for several things in the past with no review luck, and wish I had found some, because the product wasnt that good anyway.
I would love to see a product review section!!!!! I promise to contribute!
Ok, working on it now, should have it ready in a week or so. Its going to be nice :thumbup2:
great idea kiteri, I would love to see this as well. I have a few things in mind I would add as well....
The product review section is live! Click Here

Upload your products now!
I like to read the reviews, but I think a lot of the reviews from the magazines and big websites are biased.
I agree with you completely kev!!!

I am so glad that this site has product reviews. I know that my fellow campers have done "real life" research and aren't getting paid for the reviews they provide.
If we could only get more of these reviews, it would be great for all. Nothing beats true tested unbiased reviews by real people.
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