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Poison Oak...Help

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My daughter has poison Oak sooooo bad, it's everywhere, anybody have any secrets to stop the spreading? I have tried all the usual over the counter stuff. She must be allergic because nobody else got it and we were all at the same place.
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Here are a few sites that had some good remedies. I've never had it so I don't know first hand how to deal with it but maybe sonething here might work. Good luck

Let us know how things work out.
We always used calamine lotion, but its not a cure, just an anti itching solution. I havent tried any of the remedies before, but its very common down here too so if you find that one works good, let us know, may come in handy. I get it at least a couple times a year.
Have you tried Gold Bond Anti itch cream?

It isn't necessarily a remedy to dry out what you have, but it sure could help keep you from spreading it by itching at it, because I know it works fabulously for taking that desperate need to itch out of most itchy situations.

Pair some Gold Bond with some Benadryl to help cut down the hystamine causing the skin sores and it "might" get you out of the woods a little early. (no pun intended)

Distraction is always a good tactic too for little ones. If you can get them completely emersed in something else, they won't scratch at themselves as much. Maybe rent a new game for a video games system, or rent some new movies that will keep them distracted.

I really hope she feels better soon. It breaks my heart to hear of little ones being uncomfy!
I use Calamine lotion for all rashes such as Poison Ivy. They've never had Poison Oak rash before. If that doesn't help I use Hydrogen Peroxide for skin cuts. It's seems to help with killing the germs, and healing. Aloe would also help.
Thanks everyone! Oatmeal baths seem to be working, but here "scabs" are getting infected... So off to the Dr I guess, I hate going to the Dr. I remember when I was younger I got blood poisoning from the poison oak off to the Doc we go
Good luck. I hope everything works ot for her. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I'm really hoping everything works out.
If the scabs aren't too badly infected you can put a triple antibiotic ointment on them. For future reference there is a product out called Ivy Dry. I have used it in the past and I find it to be the best thing out there. It is a liquid with a little sponge applicator on top of the bottle, you just dab it on the spots and it drys them up. I used to have to go to the doctor to get a steroid pak, but now at the first sign of an outbreak I start using Ivy Dry and I don't seem to ahve any problems.
I will try that, Thanks everyone
The advice for healing the Poison Oak quickly with Ivy Dry. I will remember to get that. I am always looking in Rite Aid for things to heal the girls cuts better. I saw a Tea Tree oil stick that is suppose to be used on cuts, scrapes, and skin infections. I was going to get it, because right now I have a triple antibiotic cream. It heals them very well.
call me crazy

I work in the auto industry and what I have found for poison Ivy have not tried it on oak is.... you ready for this... brake fluid....

What your trying to do is dry it out.. well brake fluid drys your skin out instantly... I have had ivy and with in 24 hours cleared up....

my doctor told me just to leave soap on it that it would dry it out and I asked him about break fluid and said he guessed that would do the same does work..
Interesting, very interesting.
I wouldn't want to put brake fluid on a child though because it is toxic. It is also flamable if you are going to be around a campfire.
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