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Pics from camping birthday party!

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The first pic is our camper. You can see there are no trees really but we got a good spot on the tree line and with the awning out we had shade all day.

The second pic is my 9 yo son and my nephew. The blonde one is mine. They were sitting on the logs until ants started crawling on them.

The next pic is my MIL and my 7 yo daughter, Rylie, blowing out "pretend candles" because we forgot the real ones. :smack-head:She thought we were all nuts having her blow across the cake...and I think she was thinking, "Who is responsible for forgetting candles?" :whipyobut: lol

In the fourth pic, she is picking out which part of the cake she wants. My 13 yo daughter and 19 yo niece are both wishing she would hurry up so they can have some.

And the last pic is one happy birthday girl, candles or not, enjoying her cake.


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Looks like yall had a grand ol time. That is one bad thing about Natchez Trace, there is not a lot of shady spots. Really nice campground though.
It wasn't too bad until Sunday. The weather was really great and not too humid until then.

We did have the run in with the snake...but other than our only grr moment was when FIL and hubby decided they would try to hook up a satellite. When father and son become involved in a tedious task it always ends up with me laughing at them when they get frustrated. Needless to say, they gave up on it and packed it back up. lol Hubby had wanted to watch NASCAR; I was happy he couldn't. I still had to hear the radio all evening.

We always have a good time. Even when we're not camping, we travel in groups. We always have family and friends nearby so it's always a good time.
Satellite can be a challenge sometimes, thats for sure. Its not usually to bad if you have a clear line of sight, but if there are a lot of trees, :bang:
Glad everyone had a good time thx for sharing the pics
Great family pics, thanks for sharing. A birthday party while camping seems like something every kid would enjoy:thumbup1:
Hi Amy,

I love looking at camping pictures so thanks for sharing yours. :thumbup1: You make camping look so fun.

Alrighty! Happy campers! Great pics. That is one happy birthday girl! lol. Love your rig too. THANKS FOR THE PICS.
Great pictures. Glad everyone had a good time.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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