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Permission to cross your site?

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Hi, I'm a newbie here. I must confess to being a "sissy camper," we rent State Park Rustic Cabins. But I just love it. We tried tent camping, and even found a campsite that rented RVs, but finally decided that, at our age, cabins were the way to go. Not like you don't have to take all the same stuff to stay in a rustic cabin that you need if you are using a tent!

I did take my Campfire Girls to camp two years in a row in platformed tents, but I was much younger then and somebody else was doing the cooking! But I had more of a blast than the kids, never having been camping before. We also did weekend camping in group cabins.

We also, now that we are empty nesters, vacation in September when the prices go down and all your kids are back in school (nothing personal, but at this stage, I can only tolerate kids if they're blood-related :).)

I just love the solitude of being in the woods, sitting around a campfire at night, listening to the forest sounds. Last year, at Parker Dam, we heard elk bugling every night. It was spine tingling!

Anyway, hope to meet some more cabin campers. I wrote a piece on Cabin Camping in Pennsylvania State Parks and what led us to it. I'd like to share it here.
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Patricia, Thanks for sharing. You story reminded me of a cabin I had within the forests of Jamaica. Yes it was up in the Blue mountains and believe or not - sweaters were needed even during the summer.

Again... thanks and welcome to the forum. Take care.

Welcome to the forum Phillygirl. Feel free to submit some blog enrtries here as well.
:welcome: We own a small, very run-down cabin that needs tons of TLC. My husband has great memories from his childhood and I wish we could create memories for our kids there, but it's just too much of a we bought a trailer instead.

Enjoy your camping - cabin, tent or trailer - it is what you make it. :thumbup1:
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