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Paint For Exterior

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I own a 1988 prowler regal by fleetwood. I'm looking to repaint the outside. What type of paint should I use, and how should I apply it?
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What kind of exterior do you have?
Honestly I'm not really sure, its some type of metal siding. The only reason I want to paint it is because It had some rust along the bottom edge which I removed filled and primed. So far I have replace both axles all springs, rear bumper, holding tank supports, all gas piping underneath trailer, and I removed rust from and primed and painted the frame. Its in great shape now, but it needs some fresh paint. I have a sprayer and all the equipment, I'm just not sure of what type of paint I should use. Any advice you may have would be very helpful. Thanks
Try Tremclad works well on most metals from my experience anyways :thumbup1:

Welcome to the forum by the way :10220:
I have heard of a paint called temp shield, but never used it.

Products - RV paint

You should also be able use any exterior metal spray paint, use a paint sprayer and knock it out.
Thanks so much for the help. I'm going to look into your suggestions, and I will let you know how it turns out. I'll try to add some pics also. Thanks again.
Great, keep us posted, would love to see the finished product when your done.
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