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Fun little recipe for young and old. First off, let me say, I'm a camper, not a cook, so if my recipe seems crude, you know why.

One camp fire. Two large oranges, cut in half with the innards removed. Save the rind, that's the outside. One small Jiffy Mix Vanilla cake mix, used to be 10 cent boxes, you know the lil' ones. Make up the cake mix as instructed and pour into the orange halves. Wrap in foil and put into the coals. Cook for 10 minutes or less, depending on the fire and size of orange halves and serve. Results: a great orange flavored cake treat with next to no dishes to wash. Practice makes perfect, but our first attempt (thanks to my wife) turned out perfect. Made a super treat for the four of us while sitting around the camp fire.

Hope this works for you also.
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