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I hate it when this happens.:smack-head:
I store the camper at a buddies property for the winter, then store it at a storage yard close to home for the camping season. Yesterday was the day to move it close to home. As I was getting the tonque off the hitch the trailer rolled back and off the jack boards. t's all sand where the camper is, so the tongue jack is burried straight down in the sand. I didn't chock the wheels, as I usually do that after its unhooked from the truck. I learned my lesson, I'll always chock the wheels first. :bang:

I have a buddy coming over shortly with Kubota tractor to lift the tongue up so we can get the jack back on boards.

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all better now, just got it set back up with the tractor.:thumbup1:
See... you got all your bad luck out of the way before the season even started!!!!!!!!!!
Dang roadhouse, glad no body parts were under there :shocked:

Glad you got her back up on her feet. Didnt bend anything did it?
Dang roadhouse, glad no body parts were under there :shocked:

Glad you got her back up on her feet. Didnt bend anything did it?
Nope everything is fine. I don't have a pad on the bottom of my tongue jack, its just the hollow pipe. So it just sank in the ground slowly. I'm going out this week any buying one of those pads...they are only $15. I don't know if pad is the correct word for them, but you know what I'm talking about....hopefully:rotflmao1:
We feel you pain :whistling:been there and done that !
chocking wheels

Roadhouse.. we had one of the guys in our camping club almost get pinned in between the camper and the truck... didnt chock his wheels and the camper rolled forward until the tongue of the camper was under the truck... now for safety we make sure that every one in our club chocks there wheels... We also have one that is in charge of making sure we know where the local hospital is and urgent care just in case... We have also had people fall out of there camper door and break legs..
Glad no one was hurt and that no damage was done roadhouse....

Chock them wheels folks even if your on level ground, ya NEVER know when that trailer will decide to move...
Yeah that is kinda scary. I have been known not to chock mine when in a hurry, but I think I will everytime now
Yeah, for some reason this situation looks all to familiar :scratchhead:

Oh yeah, maybe cause it happened to me once before. Oops
Never did that, but did drive off with the tongue jack down - needless to say, it bent to unusable in 1.5 feet :smack-head:
My dad is very obsessed with wheel chocking-now I understand why.
Yes it is always a good idea to know where the nearest Urgent Care or Emergency room is. Being a nurse, I can tell you that even if you are in great health, things can happen and knowing where a local ER is can save valuable minutes for someone in pain!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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