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New to the forum from North carolina

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Hello from North Carolina. Camping for a couple years , and have posted on other forums , but new to this forum. DW and I have an 07 Fleetwood Westlake.
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Welcome to the forum bud. You will like it here, very friendly and helpful community.
Hey Bud - been to NC twice this summer, both times to Davidson River in Pisgah National Forest.

Welcome to the site :welcome:
Welcome bud. Been to NC and SC many times myself. Glad you found us.
Adding my greetings...hi bud! I love it here! :welcome:

You will love it here Bud!

I just love the product reviews!!! Helps me decide how to best spend my camping budget (which isn't very big by the way).

We are thrilled to have you!
Welcome to the forum bud.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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