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new member in michigan

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Hi, new member here from the thumb area of michigan. I don't go camping as much as I would like to. I usually take a wk off in the fall, and go up to the Rifle River Rec Area and tent camp on my own. Usually less people and more animals that time of yr. Fish are in the rivers, small game are in season. It's a nice get away.
Plan on taking a nephew backpacking in the Hoist Lakes Area during Memorial Day weekend. It's going to be somewhat of a test survival wkend. We are going to try to start a fire with a bow drill, but will have matches on hand. Going to try to catch fish and harvest wild edibles, but will have other food on hand. Should be fun.
Love the recipe section out here so far...
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Welcome to the site mattveen. Sounds like it's going to be a fun time. I'd love to do that.
welcome michigander

welcome from another thumb camper.... I live at the gateway to the thumb... have you camped at evergreen county park.. on 53... its nice and I hooked in to a nice pike there....

I haven't camped there, but I have fished there once, caught a sucker. I'm one for camping away from most ppl, so the local park just aren't the getaway I'm looking for.
Welcome to the site Matt :10220:

I know we have several Michigan'ers on here. Nothing better than tent camping by the river and doing some fishing, that is an ideal camping trip to me
Welcome to the site Matt!
Hi Matt. Nice to meet you
Welcome Matt !

Welcome to the site Matt and I am glad you're here. There are plenty of campers from Michigan. I am originally from MN, and I camped with my Dad at Hoit Lakes before. We did plenty of camping in MN. Are catfish the same kind of fish as suckers? Probably not, but I look forward to hearing more about your family. :welcome:
Welcome to the site Matt-it sounds to me like you need to check out the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Northern Minnesota/Canada. It sounds like it might be up your alley, if you like to canoe too. You canoe the lakes, camp and fish. You have to backpack your food, etc. You would definitely be away from people and as I like to say, "in god's country".
Welcome to the site!!!! I am hoping to add Michigan as one of the states we can camp in this summer!!! You guys have a Dark Sky Preserve park up there that us astronomy types would love!
Hello fellow Michigander:10220:
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