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New member from Alabama

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hey y'all! I've just joined up to learn more about affordable popups or hard sided campers. We've decided to try this out. We normally tent camp, but my back is not taking that hard ground anymore! LOL!

Any suggestions on where to purchase a good, used, affordable towalong? Anyone have experience with the TravelLite campers? We are hoping to purchase a camper for under $2500 bucks.

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Hello denise.

There are a lot of different places I keep tabs on when buying a used camper. Craigslist is one, not a ton, but some good deals come across there. Here is the URL

RVTrader is another one.

Of course, check your local paper as well, always someone selling them there.

In the $2500 range, you could get a nice popup camper. As for travel trailers, that may be a little low, unless your willing to get something that you can do some work on. Of course that also depends on how big of a trailer you wanted, how old it is, what kind of shape, etc..

Usually in gas stations you will find a magazine with used campers in it. Here its called Boat, Cycle and RV Trader. They are usually around a $1 or $2, but you can also briefly flip through them at the store to see if anything is in there that interests you before you buy it.

You could also search on ebay, they have a lot of campers for sale. You can click this link, and then enter in your area info and see what may be close to you.
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Thanks! I've looked at everything you mentioned except for the RV/Boat trader found in gas stations. We are kind of thinking of popups due their weight and cost.

I also mistyped the name of the popup that I found yesterday....made by a company called LivinLite. They are light weight popups. Just wondering if anyone out there has one or has any experience with them.
I have not seen the livinlite in person, but I have actually talked to the owner about their products a few times. I am really impressed with the company, and with the trailers. Its a great concept and provides an affordable camping trailer that will get you off that hard ground as you mentioned.

I dont know of any other good resources for finding campers, other than used rv dealers around. The one we currently own actually came from a dealer. We just waited till we found the right deal.
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