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New from Toronto, Canada

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Hello Everyone, I hail from the big city of Toronto, Canada. My name is Liz, and I enjoy camping, when not working, or doing school work. I have an E2, pulled by a wee lil Rav 4. I use to have a nice yellow toyota fj cruiser, for which i bought the yellow E2 to match, but someone stole it, never to be seen again. Anyhow the Rav does the job for now. I lost all my info on the trailer too, along with the tools... was all in the fj. Anyhow glad to be on here, hopefully I can pick up some tips and help with my E2.
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Welcome to the site Liz, glad you found us. Sorry to hear about toyota cruiser.

The fleetwood E2/E3 campers are nice. I think there are several owners of them on here as well. You may want to take a look at HeRuide's blog and photos, he has a lot of good pics and mods that could help a lot.
Welcome to the forum Lizzard2000. We're from Ontario as well. We live in Orangville and work in Brampton. We do a lot of work in Toronto. What part of TO do you live in? I really like the E2 and the E3 trailers. I'm kind of wishing that I bought one of those when I bought my second popup. Sorry to hear about your car.
Welcome Liz!
Hello from British Columbia! I'm new here too :10220:
Hey .. thank you all for the welcome... yes I have seen HeRuide's blog and photos on smugmug... very nice and informative, and ct i love the map, its cool. Antigua, I live down by the lake, Park Lawn & Lakeshore area... convenient for walking the dog.. mailfire99 thank you and cagemaja... i have never been to either coast in canada but i have in the usa... oregon and cape cod... hope to make it to b.c one day.
Yeah, the map is a neat feature, I only wish it had more states camped on it. Hopefully I will get to add some more soon.
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