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I just have a couple of tips for those starting out that I didn't see mentioned.

At garage sales people get rid of fireplace items that can be used for your campfire. For $3 we picked up a poker, a log turner, a billow and shovel. If it works in a fireplace, it works great for campfires. We end up with friends requesting us to snag some for them if we run across them which we seem to do every year.

It seems like there are Dollar General Stores all over the place to put up inexpensive items. We will stop by there before a WalMart or Kmart for a lot of things. I'd say Goodwill or Salvation Army but those can be hard to find in some locations.

Our first year with the camper, the wife would bring some items from the house to use. She kept a list to figure out what she would use the most often and want to keep in the camper. Then she went shopping that day after ThanksGiving to get the inexpensive items like a chopper or crockpot. We use them exclusively for the camper. She also used that time to pick up a couple of things to give as presents to some new friends from camping.
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I like the fireplace irons tips, never thought of that. :thumbup1:
That's a great idea, thanks! I shop the thrift stores regularly, so now I have something to add to my shopping adventures...thanks again!
Not sure if this is much help with tips or not, but it might help with dog hair, something we know alot about with five dogs, especially when some of them like to sit on my lap. I bought a bar-b-que apron, you know, one that goes around your neck and ties around your waist. It works great keeping the hair off me and on the apron all the way up to my neck. I use one of those rubber brushes with the flexible teeth to clean it off every couple of days instead of the sticky rollers. The dog has even gotten so she waits till I put it over my neck and put the seatbelt on before she gets on my lap ;-) Guess that's our tip for the day.
does anyone know if its okay to have a pop up camper opened all winter safe??

First :welcome:to the forum.

I'm not sure where you are located and why you want to keep the PUP open all winter.

If you live in the southern US (with no snow, ice or sleet) and plan to use the PUP all winter then go for it.

If you are just wanting to go into it from time to time I would say keep it closed and open it up when ever you need to. An open PUP has all sorts of openings that would just be an invitation to critters to take up home for the winter. Plus you could be shortening the life of canvas by having it exposed to the elements for a long time.

If the PUP will be exposed to snow, ice or sleet I would definitely keep it closed and just open it when the weather is OK.

Hope this helps.

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