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We have upgraded our forum to have built in blogs, instead of having to use them in another area of the site. Hope everyone will like this better, and find it more user friendly.

I will be moving all previous blog entries from the old blogging system, over to this one. So if you have a current blog entry or comment, they will be moved here.

You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to others blog entries, create your own blogs, and leave comments for other members blogs.

You can also email blogs to a friend, post attachments and pictures with your blog entry, and much more.

In the Navbar where you see Forum Home, Library, Product Reviews, you will see a new addition called Blogs. Click on that to access the new blog system.

Once all existing blogs are moved over, I will also update the main Blogs Button to point to this area.

Start your blog today! Forums - Blogs
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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