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New and with a Question

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I am new to this site and would like to take this opportunity to welcome myself. I, therefore, thank me for having the good sense to join what is obvioulsy a knowledgeable and concerned group of experienced outdoor enthusiasts. I am glad to have found you!

While my wife and I have been traveling in our Class C for a number of years, this year will be our first time crossing the Border into Canada where we will spend some time while eventually making our way to Alaska. I would like to know how we can set up our Directv dish while visiting Alberta and British Columbia. I must assume that, since Directv claims not to be permitted to allow their satellite signal into Canadian air space, Canadian postal codes will not work for finding dish coordinates. But since I'm not aware of any clandestine Home Land Security program to block the airwaves at the Border, there must be some way to set up our dish to receive a Directv signal in Canada.

Thanks for what I'm sure will be a deluge of helpful information.

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Welcome to the site Randy although what you state is true in the fact that Direct TV is NOT permitted to broadcast in Canada you ARE a Legal and PAYING US customer of Direct TV.. Not that ANYONE in Canada is going to say anything to you anyways! We dont have satelite police up here.. Of course if you were selling the signals for proffit that's a whole new ballgame!

Chances are that unless you are WAY south of the Canadian border the exact same settings will work up here in Canada. You may have to adjust the dish 1 or 2 degrees at each stop however, simply get yourself a sat finder to make lining the dish up easy!
Satellite Finders - Free To Air Satellite TV Specialist

I recomend this one!
Analog Satellite Finder

Hope this helps and I hope you have a great trip to Alaska sounds like one heck of a trip!
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Hello Randy,

First, welcome to the site!

A couple of informative posts on dish setup for camping.

Now, to address your specific issue for Canada.

I dont know about the legalities of using it in Canada, but they are prohibited from servicing canada, that I do know. Whether is legal or not to use your subscribed directv while visiting canada, I dont know.

Since your visiting and doing nothing illegal as a subscribed customer, I dont see what the problem would be, but again, not sure.

Based on where it is in the world, I would think there "could" be problems getting good signal and quality levels. I havent been to canada to try this, just pointing that out. All you could do is try to get dialed in and see what kind of signals you can pull down. As L2L mentioned, if you are not going very deep into Canada, I am sure it would work ok.

Exact setup will of course depend on where you will be (actual address or postal code).

There is a website called dishpointer dot com that will accept canada post codes and tell you the alignment.

For example, using post code V3S 9T7:

Address: V3S 9T7
Latitude: 49.003掳
Longitude: -122.737掳
Satellite: 101.0W DirecTV 4,8
Elevation: 30.0掳
Azimuth (true): 152.2掳
Azimuth (magn.): 133.8掳
LNB skew: -17.8掳

So, with all that being said, thats how you can find your coordinates.

I can only say from there that you would have to verify that its not against the "rules" to do this, and then just try it out and see if you can get it aligned properly.
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Welcome to the site Randy!

Not much left to add on that, I think they covered it for ya!
Hello and welcome Randy!
Thank you all for your welcomes and information. I hope that, through your help, my wife and I can stay somewhat entertained during our many nights in Canada and Alaska. I also hope that with more experience in the use of this site, I will become more proficient in its use so that I don't respond again by posting the directions for posting a reply!
No problem Randy, yall have a good time traveling up there. Keep in touch and let us know how the trip is. Would like to see some pictures from camping out that way!
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