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My little camper!

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So, we got a brochure in the mail yesterday from a campground that we tried to stay at last year and had to cancel our trip due to my new job.

My daughter has hauled that brochure around with her everywhere since it got here.

She read it at the supper table like an adult looks over the newspaper. "Look Mommy, they have a pool. Oh, and check out these pictures of these kids on their bikes!"

She is looking at the prices and trying to figure out how we can "scrape together" the $300 for three nights in a rental RV. (My daughter is the one who says our tent is a twinkie for the bears and we are the cream filling)

It really warms my heart. Even as I type this, she is asleep upstairs with the camping brochure in bed with her. :10311:
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I snuck up and took a picture of her and put it in the Campers album. I know I am supposed to think she is cute.... but DARN.... she is cute!!!!!
That is cute! Maybe one day yall will get to make that trip, or one equally as good. Breaks your heart when they say stuff like that, about how they want to help get the money together.

My daughter says that sometimes too, she dumped all of her money out of her piggy bank and gave it to me so we could get a swimming pool, since momma said we couldnt afford one.

So she is all about getting a camper huh?
Awe!!!! That is so cute about your daughter and the pool!

Yes sir... she is ALL about a camper. She could be a sales person for an RV lot. "Mommy, if we get a camper... you can bake in the oven instead of burning yourself over the campfire" (Yes, I inevitably burn myself every camping trip!)

I wish we had the money for it, but everyone wants TOP dollar for their used campers... and I just can't see spending that kind of money! My daughter will give me her piggy bank towards it though! hehehehe
:sad: Unfortunately, the company that we were going to rent the RV from went out of business.... THANKS FOR TELLING US!!!

I called them on Thursday to give them the campsite number to bring the RV to (the day before we were to fly down) and their number was disconnected. I called the cell phone number that had been in my caller ID from a previous call when I was reserving AND only then did I find out that they went out of business due to the high gas prices.

Thank God we bought our tickets with Southwest Airlines because they don't charge fees to cancel and rebook the ticket at a later time. So, our Disney trip will probably be in a hotel sometime this summer instead of a camper this week.

I can't imagine the mess that would have been to get to Disney and discover I had a campsite with nothing to sleep in for a week. They have had temperatures in the 30's at night, so a tent wouldn't have worked.
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That bites! :comfort_:

Those <censored> should have called everybody who had reservations to let them know. How many could they have on the books if they are going under? Hope you get to meet them face to face sometime :whipyobut:
See... you know me TOO well.

My Irish temper is probably my biggest weakness.

I keep trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason, and there is some tragedy we averted or something by having this trip fall through.... but it doesn't make the desire any less to find the owner of that business alone in an alley :whipyobut:
They don't know who they are messing with - the Camper Community crowd. Why, until a certain informal poll updates, we are 7-1 boys over girls. We'll take care of them :whipyobut:

Somehow I don't think Shannon needs our help to kick some butt :rotflmao1:
See... I love you guys!!!! There is no better place to be outnumbered 7 to 1!!!!!!!!!

I may not need your help with the :whipyobut: but you will bail me out right???????
I'd rather bail you out for whipping their butts then bail out the banks!
For some reason I agree, I doubt the PA pistol (kiteri) needs help whippin some butt. :whipyobut:

Where is all the lady campers these days, hibernating?
The PA pistol - if the Eagles had more like her, it would be an all PA Super Bowl :rotflmao1:
The PA Pistol..... I like it!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna work it into my profile somehow!!!!

Now, what would ever give you guys the idea that SHY, QUIET, CALM, LITTLE ole me would be fiesty??????????


The ONLY PA team I am interested in going to the Super Bowl is already there baby. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here we go Steelers... here we go... Pittsburgh's going to the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!
Not my original choice, but out of those two (and over many others), go Steelers!
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