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keeping the tent clean

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Just a few pointers to help keep the sleeping tent clean.

1. Take an old piece of rug or a cheap dollar store welcome mat and place it at the tent's door. When entering the tent, make sure everyone wipes their feet on the mat to keep leaves, twigs and things outside.

2. Better than wiping the feet, leave all footwear outside the tent.

3. Sweep around the door of the tent to keep from tracking the dirt all over.

4. Don't let the children run in and out of the tent all day. In fact, the tent is really too hot in the day time for them to play inside it.

Lastly, although this is not specifically for cleanliness, but as night approaches, keep the tent closed. This will keep out the mosquitoes so you are not driven nuts by the hissing when you try to sleep.
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Thanks for posting excellent tips to keep the tent clean . Though I already have kept these tips and few others to keep my tent clean ,Keep sharing informative tips it will really be a great help for the new biggners .
Thats the biggest problem I have, going in and out of the tent all day, you track in so much stuff. I just try to keep everything I may possibly need on the outside, to minimize how often I have to track in and out. But it seems there is always a reason to go in there.
But it seems there is always a reason to go in there.
I know what you mean, the kids were always wining for something so we bought a kitchen tent. This way we have something to keep the bugs out and when it is raining, we don't have to be in the big tent.

Plus I can see everything outside while I am preparing the meals and it is easier to know where the kids are. Once we got the all-screen tent, I made the tent where we sleep 'out of bounds".
I think this is the best tip of all-

2. Better than wiping the feet, leave all footwear outside the tent.

With all the leaves, dirt and in some cases mud it is hard to get your shoes clean. No matter how hard I try, my little one is to inpatient to clean her shoes. Well actually since she likes to be barefooted or wear flip flops most of the time-I make her put shoes on. :whistling:
I like the idea of having a smaller "kitchen tent". This keeps the main sleeping tent from being tromped through all day for things, and it gives the grown ups a place for "whoopie" once the kids go to bed (if you have any energy left after a day of camping!) I know it is tight quarters, but hey... it is still roomier than the back seat of the car! ;)
Oh my gosh..........I think I would be too embarrassed the next day looking at people especially if it was kind of noisy and the tent was shaking - lol

it gives the grown ups a place for "whoopie" once the kids go to bed (if you have any energy left after a day of camping!)
Hehehehe.... I have young kids I am hiding from in the first place. That makes me a master of "quiet whoopie"... hehehehehe

if the trailer is rockin, dont....well, you know the phrase
this thread started out with good intentions.....but then just got way off track:rotflmao1:
We bought a 2 bedroom tent with a 3rd room - a "front porch" - that's screened in. We put a tarp underneath that portion since it didn't have a floor, and rugs outside that entrance as well as to the 2 bedrooms. That seems to help but never stops all the dirt so we just carry one of those small (like a kids size) brooms and dustpan too.
The tarp and rugs should help keep the tent clean. I know I always used a good rug outside. The shoes stayed outside the tent. Because they were always loaded with dirt and mud. So our socks were inside the tent. When you have brothers, their socks aren't always so clean.:scratchhead: You put some great advice for keeping the tent clean.:10220:
I have so many thoughts going though my mind right now :shocked: hehe.

Funny story, we went camping at the beach last summer and beside our tt was a huge family tent and a two man tent. We came back one night from riding around the strip and when we turned into our site, we thought a wild animal had gotten into the neighbors tent, so my dh goes into our tt to get the broom ( like that was going to do anything ) and whenever we calmed down and was stepping out of the tt, we put two and two together....hehe,

But back to subject, we also keep our shoes in a rubmaid tub outside the tt, I can't stand shoes everywhere, it has made for a neater tt, hope no one ever steals them, would hate to go
We tend to have that problem in our travel trailer too. Shoes, clothes, toys everywhere. If we put everything in a bin that was in our way, we would have an empty camper :bang: It is a good idea for shoes in a bin outside though, our I guess we could get a bigger camper :shrug:
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