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Is anyone else REALLY worried about the economy?

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I know it isn't necessarily "camping" related, but I think a lot of us are making adjustments to our camping venues based on the price of gas.

I keep hearing the same things over and over again. "We aren't _________ because of the cost of gas." People are cutting back on extras, or they are avoiding luxury spending all together.

In my office alone there are NO vacations booked for this year. The calendar on the wall where we all write the weeks we are taking off for the summer doesn't have a single week taken off for any of the 15 employees in our office.

I went to the Walking with the Dinosaurs show on Friday and the arena wasn't even 1/4 full. There were also NO lines for the souvenirs or food. The people around us were snacking on granola bars and juice boxes out of Mom's purse.

I bought a tent instead of a camper because of the cost of gas to tow it. AND I don't have any intention of driving very far to use the tent because of the price of gas.

My "stimulus check" is going right in my gas tank and oil tanks (I have an oil furnace) to further pad the pockets of the oil companies. I will not be buying ANYTHING extra with that money. Putting that stimulus check toward a credit card balance isn't stimulating the economy either.

My husband lost his job in January, and found another job working for a government contractor that is about 35 miles away, and to be honest... he considered turning it down because the first hour's wage of every day he works doesn't even pay for the gas to get to and from the job for the day. The ONLY reason he can take it is because it is a four day work week (four 10 hour days) instead of a five day work week.

Maybe I just live in a depressed area. Or maybe I am just a worry wart, but I can't help but feel like the future I had envisioned for my children just isn't going to be there. A future where we could enjoy our freedom to move about our country without border patrols and explore our national treasures just can't happen because it costs to darn much in gas to drive around and enjoy those sights!

Am I the only one feeling this way?
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I will say I am not to worried yet. It does seem to be adding problems to things, as you mentioned, but we are not in a recession as much as people like to say we are, and I think the economy will get better. Gas may not, but....

It鈥檚 interesting to hear different people鈥檚 opinions about what the economy is going to do this year. Most people believe we鈥檙e in the middle of a recession, which technically is two quarters of negative growth. There鈥檚 certainly many here who are gloomy about the future.

Many large companies like google are hiring and I have read about a lot of small startups continue getting funded.

But on the other hand some are losing jobs, losing homes, etc..

I hear people saying if you want to invest in real estate or flipping, nows the time. Yes its may be a tough selling market, but nows the time to buy cheap and sell cheap and make a quick profit.

I just dont know. I am not much of a worrier, but could become one if things other than gas prices really start affecting me.
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I also can't say that I'm worried per-say but it has made my travel plans for this year a little different than the following years.

We usually take long weekends maybe 4 days camping here and there, but now whenever we go it will be for a longer stay and not as many short trips so as to burn less fuel and still use as many vacation days as we can.
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