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I'm back!!!

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I've already been running my big mouth all over the forum!

We had a great time at Pin Oak. The only bad part of a camping trip is coming back home. :thumbdown: Don't you always wish for an extra day?

We met some interesting people and interesting critters. My sister in law was staying at the Park Inn so we went over to use the swimming pool. Everyone was drying off to leave when my niece yelled, "Snake!" Lo and behold, right under my brother in law's feet was a 3 1/2 foot king snake. (This was also about two feet away from the chair I was sitting in.) He started jumping up and down and I jumped up into the chair quick, fast and in a hurry. :rotflmao1:I expected we might see one at the lake on the beach but never did I expect one on the concrete around the pool. I'll say right now, I am not scared of much of anything but I am terrified of snakes.
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Welcome back! Where's the pics? Glad yall had fun, how did the birthday party and all that turn out?
The birthday party was great. We picked up the cake on Friday and had cake Saturday evening. I was so busy being unbusy that I didn't take many pics, which is very unusual for me. I will have to take some off my camera and upload them.
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