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We still have our camper and the boat that goes on the top. The color scheme is white with red trim on both. The boat is a 1958 Tomahawk Playmate and fits in the cradle on top. You back the trailer up to the water and slide the boat off. Then you put the trailer on the campsite and pop it up.
The serial number on the camper is 120 and is made in Magnolia, AR.
The cradle that holds the boat is removable. The boat has a windshield and steering wheel which has never been hooked up. It also has original oars.
We don't know what we are going to do yet but would love to tow it behind our 1954 Lincoln.

We have lots of pictures but cannot figure out how to post them.
Would love to see the boat I own this 1960 odessey pop up
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