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I was driving around yesterday, and where the tornados hit a couple of months back, there was a lot of big trees knocked down. ALOT.

The county came out and cut all these trees up into manageable firewood along the side of the road, so I was going to get some.

I pulled up to the spot, and it was right by a driveway, and a woman was out there cutting the yard. So I thought I would stop and ask her if she minded, since it was on their property. Well kind of, the county actually owns 15 feet from the road, but tehnically its still their trees and land.

She said, are you wanting some firewood? I said yes mam I am, do you mind. She said, well if you will drive up to my house, I have plenty of it cut and stacked and ready to go. Please take all you want. I said ok, and headed up the driveway.

To my shock, there was wood for days. The stack was about 5 feet tall, and was a good 30 feet long. I filled the back of my dodge ram up till it couldnt hold anymore, and I didnt hardly make a dent in it. She said come back and get more if you want it, so I decided I am going back after work for another truck load today.

I hit the jackpot for firewood! The best part is its all cut, and its free! I do have to split some of it, but I also got a ton of small pieces 4-6 inches around, so I dont have to split it.

There is still 3 or 4 truckloads of wood on the road too. But she steered me away from that, cause she wants the wood gone up at her house, which was fine with me, it was much easier to get.

Time to go camping!

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Sweet score. I wish I could find a deal like that around here.
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