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:rotflmao1: Everything from the 70's was ugly!!!! Avacado green appliances... orange shag carpets, faux fur bean bag chairs!!!! Oh yeah!!!

Hey now! Go easy! I'm from the 70's!!!:rotflmao1:

Obviously, though...this idea never caught on. I wonder what, seriously, made that happen...:scratchhead:

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Ugly things from the 70's:

Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter
Professional golfers' plaid pants
Professional basketball players' short shorts
Bella Abzug
AMC Gremiln
AMC Pacer
Disco dancing
Disco outfits
Leisure suits
Trying to play just one song on an 8 track
Steven Tyler (wait, he's still around)
Cable reel tables
This volkswagen in my front yard -


1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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