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I Finally Got DSL

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I wish yall knew how excited I am right now, you have no idea! I live out in the boonies, where DSL is not heard of, except to us computer folk :)

For 4 years now, I have been suffering with Direcway satellite internet. They finally got DSL to my house, got the 6mb package, actually getting near 7 MB according to speed tests, and HOLY SMOKES! This is a good day. I did a speed test on my satellite last night, here is the difference, unbelievable!

Satellite speed test
Rectangle Font Screenshot Software Parallel

Todays DSL Speed test
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I work from home alot, and have to dial into work, and over satellite, it is so sloooowww. Browsing the internet was much better than dialup, but still terribly slow. Averaged under 1MB

Its just instant now. Ok, I am calm....breathe...deep breath
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Maybe there is hope for me yet! I have been waiting seven years for them to run dsl out to my house in the middle of the land time forgot. We only live one mile outside the city limits and they have it less than a mile down the road.

I work online myself and I know it is a pain in the neck when dealing with slow speeds. Congrats on being able to get things done quicker!
There is hope, just hang in there. I had it even worse, my neighbors had it, on a different road, but they were withing 500 feet of me and I couldnt get it. 6 months later, I finally did. It was painful knowing it was so close to me and I couldnt get it.

What do you use now, dialup, satellite? I will be selling my satellite system, as soon as I get it off the roof, in case anyone is looking for one.
Still on dial up. It's terrible. I've been holding out on going the satellite route thinking as soon as I buy one they will run dsl here the next day. lol It's been a few years now and still nothing. Might have to change my thinking on it.
Yeah, I did the same thing for about a year, finally had enough. Satellite is much better than dialup, but I lived in the city for a couple of years and had DSL there, so I had a taste of what it was like, so satellite was disappointing to me somewhat.
Welcome to the 21st century :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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