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There are several ways of doing this, one is using paraffin wax. The wooden strike anywhere matches are a good choice.

You can use a double boiler on your stove to do this, or campfire if you need something to do while camping. After the wax has melted, you can dump them in and stir them around until completely covered. After they are covered, removed them (with needle nose pliers or similar) and lay them out to cool down. Thats it! Never know when you may need them.

Tip: If you crafty, you can make your own double boiler for melting paraffin using a 1 pound coffee can and a 2 pound coffee can. Bend a coat hanger so it will support the 1 lb. coffee can inside the 2 lb. can. Now just add some water in the 2 lb. can and add the paraffin in the 1 lb. can. Your own homemade double broiler.
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