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Re; chairs, camping & comfort...
I bring enough chairs for everyone in the vehicle Plus one extra, in case of a visitor (rocks and logs make, relatively, poor seating, IMO).

I used to sleep fine with just a pad on the ground (especially when it is covered by a thick (6+ inches) layer of pine needles or consists of fine dry dune sand), however as I get ever more antique I have found that a comfortable cot is worth while; thick layers of pine needles and good dune sand being relatively rare (uncomfortable cots/cot shaped torture devices are not, however).

I have also found, over the years, that an adequately vented bur not over ventilated leak proof tent that I can stand upright in is a definite plus (tents that have too much screened area provide little shelter if it decides to snow in May / June or even earlyJuly, when high in the mountains).
You know that you are in the mountains when it rains, sleets, snows and the graupel falls before the sun comes out; all within 20 minutes or so... or you need to shake 6" of snow off the tent after waking up during the summer camping season.

P.S. a good, layered, sleeping bag helps too!.

21 - 23 of 23 Posts