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been out of camping for a while, but would like to get back into it...

in answer to the topic question, you only need enough gear to prepare for the expected, and the unexpected... ;) (loaded answer)
i would recommend a compass, maps, some way to purify water, some way to cook food, or food that needs no cooking... really it depends on what type of camping you are doing, and where you are doing it.
if you are camping in the back-yard, a map and compass may be fun, but not needed, unless your back-yard is massive, or your navigation skills are absolutely terrible (in which case they may be useless anyway ;) )
if you are camping deep in the Maine woods, it may be necessary to bring a large stick to fend off the watermelon-sized black-flies. ;)
if i was to do strictly tent camping, or RV camping, my list of gear would be different for each. if i do both, i can go wild and buy whatever, as long as i have a way to carry what is needed.

but anyway, i am working on my second cup of coffee this morning, so i may be a little wordy, and my jokes may seem funnier to myself than they really are. ;)

1 - 2 of 24 Posts