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How Many Months Did You Camp In 2007?

How Many Months Did You Camp In 2007

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[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]How many months did you go camping at least once in the month in 2007?[/FONT]
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I go Camping every month even went twice in one month last year so 6 months but 7 times for me :clapping:
We only got to camp about 4 months last year, hope to do one or 2 extra this year.
We didn't get our camper until the week before Memorial Weekend. Then didn't put it away until Thanksgiving Weekend. Camped 7 months but probably 13-15 times in those 7 mos.
We got in about 6 months as well. We average about 1-2 times per month, wish it was more
We took the camper out in the bush end of April, and then mid June we moved into a seasonal site at provincial park..and stayed there until the end of Sept when camp closed. I commuted to work from there, would get up at 5:30 and drive in to get ready for work at home.
We are hard core...3 more years of work and then will live in it from Nov-April in the sunny south.
Diane, Duke and Serge
Sounds great diane, 3 years should be a walk in the park. Where in the sunny south you heading, Florida?
I think we are going to head to Texas...looking at the Brownsville area...but havent made a solid decision.. Where do you live?
It is cold here right now..has been -30, today is a little warmer but going to get cold again tonight -27...and we have tons of snow...was out on the sled yesterday and the trails are awesome...but cant wait to haul out the camper.
We started out small (17 foot) and progressed up the length things to a 38 footer...a was a year old when we bought it..and the price was sweet. We camped in it now for 2 summers.
We live in TN. I mentioned in another thread, it was 70 here yesterday, but it was just a tease. We have a cold front coming in tonight, and the high will be 40 tomorrow. No, not near as cold as many of yall on here, but we got the first real taste of spring this weekend, go back to cold weather is for the birds.... :bang:

My wife is from MN, so they are having the same type of weather you are talking about. Snow, cold, cold, and more cold. Bahhh humbug
My wife was living in ours until May over in Nashville, then we camped into Oct and I'm thinking once in November. When the temp is 50 plus is pretty much good weather for use. We have also camped when it was cooler also.
To answer the question for 2007 would paint a picture of us not camping as much as we usually do. We usually go from April until at least October, however here in 2007 it rained, and rained, and rained, so the number of months that we camped were fewer than other years due to campgrounds were flooded out.
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