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I find potential campsites by going off road on existing jeep trails on Sunday drives on public lands/national forests... Sometimes just driving, sometimes on trips specifically to go off roading on existing Jeep trails; Keep a lookout for fire rings on publiic land and avoid areas with trash piles and obviously homeless long term "campers"....
To get away from the trouble that "civilization" brings, I try to select the more remote and difficult jeep trails. If a stock or near stock SUV/vehicle can easily drive in and out ithe area is probably not a great candidate for a great camping spot.
If there is evidence that the area is frequented by the Party Crowds ... keep on looking.

Be aware that you can drive into situations that you cannot drive out of/
Be aware that getting towed out may be incredibly expensive or impossible... and that vehicle damage is common and rollovers or flops (laying the vehicle on its side) are also possible due to driver error.
You may be hours from help, and without cellular service; if you are seriously injured... or even if you are not.

If you receive several recommendations about an area, by all means check it out; just don't expect better than an average 'camping in a pasture' experience.

You can often tell when you are remote enough by finding areas not covered by cell service and/or wi-fi.

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