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is anybody as ready for camping/summer as i am? this is been a long/normal winter around here(south east michigan).i'm so ready i can taste it.we have us a new camping buddy this year "WRIGLEY" what a hand full,we said we would never get another dog BUUUUUT we sure miss the caines,sure is a handfull.eight pounds pure terror when he whats to if you see a grey haired oldman (with a smile on his face) and a beer in his hand chasing a little dust mopp around just give him a smile and hand. thanks
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I'm so ready for camping...but it doesn't seem to want to warm up around here.

I'm going to get the camper cleaned up and ready next week if we get a good high 50 degree day. Our first trip is mothers day weekend, and i can't wait.:thumbup1:
LOL! I went on my first one last weekend! Tent camping in northern IL, only about 4 campers in the park with us. Left early cuz it was supposed to sleet, which it didn't. :bang:
Going on our next trip 4-20, hope the weather cooperates!
Now, I have been saying, "I wanna go camping" since January, some of my friends are ready to throw me in the fire pit!:shrug:
Just got back. Some days were around 60, white out off and on Tuesday.
After much discussion, negotiation and tears... my fiancee and I have decided we are not meant for a life together and have parted company. I live to camp and be in the great outdoors, she tolerated it out of love for me. For the last 2 years, camping was a 2 or 3 time a year forced ordeal. So for me, this year will be a bittersweet time, yes, I can finally enjoy the great outdoors the way I used to, but.......alone for the first time in years.
despite the mixed emotions, I can't wait till my first weekend back in the wilds of Pa.
Fortunately for me, campers are the best people in the world, so I might be alone, but I won't be lonely :thumbup1:
I'm sorry, Mark... That's a hard thing to deal with. I am glad that you get to do what you enjoy more now than before.
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