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Hi I'm Popadoc, and as campers go...I'm an idiot. My DW (practicing the lingo) and I just bought our first camper (31' Coachman TT) and we know nothing about them. We are alot like Lucy and Dezi in "The Long Long Trailor", well maybe not quite that bad but close. We thought since we had a camper now a golf cart and a boat would be a nice addition so we have alot to learn about EVERYTHING. We have been camping twice so far, once at Lake Lincoln in Wesson, Ms. And once at Oak Mountain Park in Birmingham, Al. both have been an adventure to say the least but we are loving it. Oh and if any of you go to Oak Mountain, the left turn is AT the 4 way stop, if you go thru the 4 way, at night, its a one lane road that dead ends, after about 2 miles or so, with no way to turn a 31' camper. Just thought I would mention that. LOL. I also learned (at Lake Lincoln) when you try to back into your camping spot...unhook your Equalizer bars makes a terrible noise and you get the attention of everyone that is in the campground. But hey its cool we are learning and loving all of it. What's camping without adventure and a good story to tell. Needless to say we are keeping a jounal. It should be on the shelves at a Fool's "R" Us near you.
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Hello Popadoc, welcome!
Congrats on the new camper. We are here to help, so if you have any questions, fire away.

I cant think of anything better to go with a camper, than a boat and golf cart. :)

Believe me, we have all been there, with no place to turn around. I have drive for MILES looking for a turn around, when I miss the turn.
Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people here with great advice. We've all been there. You learn from your mistake as you go and if your anything like me, it takes a few times to get it right. I'm always saying, "Oh ya right! That's why I should't do it like that." Bottom line, there are NO such thing as a dumb question here on this site so ask whatever you like.
I have to say that one of the first things my wife and I noticed is how nice everyone is. Once you enter the campgrounds there are no strangers. It was really impressive to see that there was still a place where people cared about one another. Where they actually say good morning and "Can I help you with that. I think by the time we packed up we had met about everyone there. It was so cool. So to all the campers out there "Thanks for all the hopitallity".
Welcome to the site popadoc! :welcome:

You have found the perfect place to ask all your questions!!! This is such a great group!

You will learn so much. Campers are the best people!!!!!!!!!!!!
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