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Hi Newbie from Georgia

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Hi ya'll, just to let you know that I have really enjoyed lurking around on this site, I have learned many new things.

Just having bought our new to us Cub there was a lot of stuff that I did not know about, after using a pop up for the past 8 yrs., we knew it was time to find another camper because the last time we headed down to Jekyll the roof started peeling away on the pup, had to stop and screw it down and buy straps and a big tarp after getting there.

I came across the Cub on craigslist and the guy said it had some water damage to it and so we went and looked and figured it was something we could fix and so we go it, for less than we were seeing cheap pups go for, so we're 1/2 done with the work just got bit more to do and then we're taking her out along with brother-in-law/sister-in-law along with their camper so we make sure to set everything up right, can't wait should be around the end of the month. I love all the storage, took everything out of the pup and still have lots of yet unused space.
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:welcome: Isn't this a great site. I have picked up a lot of information and suggestions from here. We will be heading your way the 18th to camp at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain.
Welcome to the forum ecc. Lots of great advice here and friendly people here too.
Glad yuo like the site and we look forward to your input, welcome aboard :welcome:
Hello ecc, welcome to the site! Congrats on the new rig. All that extra storage makes a lot of difference, thats for sure. What was the source of you camper leaks? Any major damage caused by it?
Welcome to the site, glad you have enjoyed it! Would like to see some pics of your new rig in the photo albums when you have it all done!
thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)

yeah i guess you could say the damage was major, when we got it the guy had already taken the paneling & insulation out of one small wall and part of the ceiling, so we have replaced the insulation, the wall and ceiling panel yesterday, still have to put back the cabinet to get it all back together (keeping fingers crossed we did it right) it's not professionally done but like i said before its going from a pinto to a cadillac :).
Hello and welcome.

Sounds like a fun project, and one that will reward you with some great memories. Good luck on the job, I hope you took some before and after pics to show us.
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