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Hi from Southwestern Ontario

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Hi Everyone,

I am new (of course)! My name is Ruthann and I found this site thru another camping site that asked what other camping sites do you frequent and I can't believe I have missed this one! I have 3 grade school kids and we try to camp whenever we can. We bought our Jayco trailer in 2003 when my youngest was 3 months and have progressively travelled farther from home as time has allowed. Last summer we ventured to Fort Wilderness which was tons of fun! Looking forward to meeting with you all and swapping ideas!
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Hi Ruthann!!! I am so glad you saw my link on the DIS!!!!!

I have Disney lust deep in my heart, but not the deep pockets to go with it! hehehehe

You will LOVE it here!
Welcome Ruthann! Glad to have you here. How big a camper yall have to haul them youngins?
Welcome:10220: I think you'll like it around here, nice friendly place with a lot of good info.
:welcome: Ruthann, glad to have you on the site. How is yalls weather up there, I know our other Canadian friends on here were getting hit pretty hard with snowstorms.
Hello Ruthann! Welcome aboard
Eh Ruthann! Welcome to the site. Lots of great people here. Where in south western Ontario are you from?
From one Cannuck to anther welcome aboard Ruthann :10220:

Hope you enjoy the site!
Welcome Ruthann

Did you guys gets loaded with snow again? It's so nice to see a new face on the site. I'd like to welcome you and your family. I have 5 daughters, 4 living at home going to school. We live in Virginia now, but I was raised in Nashwauk, MN. It's 1 hour south of International Falls, MN. We went camping in Ontario one summer with my Dad and another family. It was one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It had places with green thick forests, large rocks, and blue lakes. The Canadians were very friendly.:welcome:
might as well be michigan

Hello ruthann...

I see your from sw ontario.. running joke here is that this is the michigan camping forum.. and if your from sw ontario.. well your from michigan..LOLO..

I live about a half hour from sarnia....

glad to have you here.
Thanks for the welcome! To answer some of your questions, I live in Sarnia which is right on the Michigan I guess you are correct if you want to call this the Michigan camping forum! Yes, we got dumped with snow over the weekend, but thankfully it is 42 degrees today so we are experiencing some melting of the snow...I hope that is it for this year! We have a Jayco Jayflight 29bhs which stores all my kids and all their "stuff" they must have for all camping trips. Actually some day when it is just my husband and I, we will get a smaller trailer. All I need is a bed and a bathroom and I'm a happy woman! Don't want to have to worry about the bears crawling into bed with me! Looking forward to meeting everyone!:thumbup1:
Ah HA! This is the Michigan Camping Forums :rotflmao1:

Ruthann, when your ready, I will trade you. We have a 19 foot hybrid camper, and need a bigger one. So when you need a smaller one, we can just trade, even of course, I will take the loss :shocked:
Welcome Ruthann-I, like grace, am a former Minnesota girl and think Ontario is beautiful!
Welcome aboard Ruthann, glad to have you. Hope you enjoy yourself while here. :icon_smile_bbq:
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