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Hi everyone on the camping forum

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We guess that forum moderators want us to post an introductory post here so here is a little about us.
Given the covid situation right now we are strongly considering switching from flying/resort trips and vacations to RV/trailer travel trips. We are public nudists so we usually vacation at south of the border nudist or clothing optional resorts. We really do not want to be locked down because of covid restrictions at an airport, resort or country so RVing seems like a good solution. My husband and myself are going to share this profile and we hope that is ok with the forum. We will probably post a thread later but for now feel free to say HI or share any of your thoughts on getting into RVing. View attachment 3034 View attachment 3034
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Freedom from "civilization"and its hassles is a good part of why and where I camp; just off of jeep trails that require a 4wd and high ground clearance... well beyond where most people, RVs and trailers are stopped by the terrain.

...not certain how most campgrounds would take to your avocation... but more power to you.

Hi Happy Joe and thanks for the reply.
As nudists, we do prefer the "off the trail" camping stops however we are not shy about being around clothed campgrounds if we are welcomed there.
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