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DH and I have decided to go the Oregon Coast for holidays leaving on the afternoon of Aug 14Th.
It is last minute as we weren't sure if we should "chance" it with our next to new 5er.
I have a zillion questions so please be patient with me :)

We are leaving from Edmonton Alberta Canada and really not sure of the best route. Tossing things around but haven't ever being there we really are going in "circles":smack-head:

We have no idea of any do and don'ts, must see's and stay away froms.

Worried about the highways as we hear all winter about the slides on the coast..scary stuff..

We would really love some advice on this and campsites. Would love to stay at some really scenic sites but we are 35' with 3 slides and no reservations. We thought maybe we shouldn't go because we may not get a campsite then what would we do ??:scratchhead:.....yikes !
Anyone been over the Sandpoint Bridge lately ???

Randy and I love nature. We have very short RVing season here so need to use our time wisely :)

I am looking forward to any assistance as well as hints and tips you all may have to offer.

Thanking you in advance.

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I use Trailer Life's Directory Campground Navigator software to plan my RV trips. I plotted your's real quick and it suggests from Edmonton, proceed west using Hwy 16, then southwest using Hwy 5, then continue on Hwy 1 to the U.S. coast. Then in the U.S.A. use route 9, then connect with southbound US I-5 to Olympia Washington. Continue west on state route 8 which joins US hwy 12 and continues west. When you get to US 101, head south to the Oregon coast. That's about 1,000 miles just by itself.

Then there's several hundred miles of highway that has State Parks (sparse hookups) and RV sites up and down the thoroughfare. Getting a site without a reservation will be tough since this is the high season. But cancellations occur all the time. I suggest you stop in the early afternoon to provide enough time to find a place unless you can make calls on the way and plan your stops accordingly. You'll need some kind of campground guide with phone numbers to do this. Again I use Triple A and Trailer Life guides.

Enroute you can try some businesses that allow overnight stopping which means you stay hitched up on the way to the Oregon coast, but don't extend any slides or expect extensive setup, then you just take off in the morning. Some Walmarts allow this. Truck stops are the best for this and some provide shower facilities for a small fee, plus they are equipped with fuel, foodstuffs and supplies as you need them. In all cases, always ask the store managers if they allow it, where to park and any other special instructions.

Buy and supply ONLY what you need. Save the extensive shopping when you get to your location. No sense carrying all that stuff before you get there.

For campground information you can try Woodall's or Trailer Life websites. Their websites allow you to search areas and the information includes addresses, phone numbers, and facility descriptions. While most include prices, these are not always up to date.

We call this "fast tracking", "swamp foxing", or "just get up and go". Tough to do, but some people like to travel this way for the best in adventure during travels. I am a partial fast tracker, where some is planned and some is spontaneous.

Good luck on this.
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