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I am hoping someone can help me out.
I have just opened the tent trailer(2006 Rockwood) from the long winter nap and well to my suprise I have mold/mildew spots on the bed ends.
There was condesation in it when I opened the trailer.
I would like to know what others have used to get the mold/ mildew stains off.
I have tried 50% alcohol/water as well as I have used Sol u Mel(green soap, alcohol and tea tree oil). They don't seem to be working.
Does anyone have any other advise?
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Tammy I would suggest going to your local supermarket and renting a Carpet Cleaner that has an upolstry attachment. Make sure the machine is a Hot Water Extraction machine. I would also add a little Bleach to the water and solution as well. You can get rid of the bleach smell later, the idea here is to KILL the Mold....

Hope this helps
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Here is something you can try.Setup the tent trailer and remove everything you can.
Next, mix a solution of bleach and water (1:20) and put in a spray bottle.
Spray onto affected areas. (Open all windows and avoid inhaling.)
Let sit for 10 minutes and then rinse/wash off well.

This process may need to be repeated to remove all the mold.
You can also use commercial grade disinfectant available at Janitorial supply stores.
Here is some info on mold and mildew in tents, so it may be of some use for you

Dragonwing - Combatting Mildew" Tent
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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