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Help identifying tent style

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Hi All! Newbie here.
Can someone please tell me the 'type' of tent that is shown in the pic below?
Do you know of any company that makes something similar or even close?
Sky Tent Shade Tints and shades Landscape

Thanks 4 the replies!
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I'm not aware of that being a specific style of tent. That is simply a shade created without the use of trees, and can very easily be created with:

20' x 10' tarp
8 adjustable height poles
8 dishes/flat pads for the foot of each pole to prevent the poles from just sinking into the sand
Cordage to use as guy lines of varied length
8 (minimum) anchor points, such as stakes. (These would need to be chosen with consideration for terrain, and should NOT be typical stakes found with most retail purchase tents)

Your main concern for the picture above is how to gain purchase into the soft sand to overcome the forces of wind with that big sail of a tarp. The tarp should have many sewn in loops for tie points (at least 5 per short side and 10 per long side, as well as at least 5 in line in the field of the tarp, dividing the length into quarters).

If your area of use has high wind, then I'd use a little different approach, two 10' x 10' tarps, a sturdy ridge line down the center and overlap the edges in the middle, with the flap on the lee side of the wind going beneath the other flap. That configuration will allow a vent of air pressure at the peak/ridge, defeating the "parachute" affect of having a single cloth, yet still shedding rain.
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This is called a dining fly. Look up Philmont dining fly. You can purchase light weight tarps, Kelty makes one. They can be pitched in different configurations.
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Why not just use a canopy tent? Easier to set up and take down.
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..Or just use a pop up style canopy... as in Zoey22's pics...
I liked mine so well (including walls) that I bought a "standing room" tent to make it habitable (then folded the walls back up and put them in storage)....

...finally ended up buying a second (10' x 10') pop up style (Ozark brand) canopy for shade and rain protection. (End of season sale prices at wallymart are, some times, hard to beat; or even resist).

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