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Hello From Washington

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Hi, Im new to these forums. I havnt bought an RV yet but we are looking into getting one very soon. My parents have a pop-up that ive used before but me and the wife were thinking about getting something bigger. Its just me and her plus her (dumb) cat and my (awesome) dog. So we dont need a hole lot of space. Any tips and ideas for what we should look in too?
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Welcome aboard :welcome:

They are many small trailers out there (sorry, with the size of my family I've never shopped for them). Trailer Life would be a good resource.
Welcome to the forum?

You have asked a very complicated question, so I won't add too much, but you'll have to decide on a towable (trailer, 5er, hybrid, etc.) or complete RV (Class A, B, or C). If a towable what will you be using as your tow vehicle?

Other considerations - Fully enclosed or soft sides, slideouts, how much storage, how much weight, how much cost? Then there's the subleties - fiberglass or siding, conveniences, boondocking or hookups, etc. What type of person are you - handy or pay somebody, familiar with RV life or mostly tenting? (A popup is more a tent than RV in regards to what I'm getting at.) So many more questions.

Have fun with your search!
Welcome to the forum! If you ask me (Evergreen) I'm not sure what (The best trailer you will ever buy!!!) you are talking(Best trailer we ever bought....IN) talking about!
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