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First off, "Welcome to America". I'd like to say that I'm envious of the adventure that you are about to embark on. Being from California and having frequented most of the places you about to go, please feel free to pick and choose from the information I will give.
First Anehiem, home of Disney Land. Tickets are roughly the $60 price range per person. There is the California Adventure next door, skip this as there are more atractions at Disneyland and is home of the more traditional feel that Disney has to offer. Eat before you get to the park, Denny's is across the street from the main entrance. You can feed your family there for what it would cost to feed 2 people at the park.
San Diego, think ZOO. Tickets roughly $30- per person but definately worth the trip. Enjoy dinner in the Gas Lamp district, romantic and a little formal, very nice though. If you feel like letting your hair down, check out Dick's Last Resort. Informal, kind of a grab a cold mug of beer and a hot burger place that has a great atnosphere for fun.
The Grand Canyon is a lot of fun as is Bryce. The views that you see will be life long but do yourself a favor and make sure your get a panoramic disposable camera. I've made a couple of trips but until I used one of these panoramic cameras, my pictures just couldn't capture the essence of these beautiful parks. Then you will get to Zion, my favorite National Park. The veiw point has change from looking down from to being at the base of. A great change of pace. Take the hike up to the natural pools on the mountain, the trails will establish the difficulty but you can reach the lower two pools with relative ease and minor exursion. Enjoy as they are very beautiful. Enjoy a chance to go horseback riding, mind you a half a trip will still make you sore.
As for Las Vegas, have a great time and enjoy the sites. If you like seafood, the Flamingo has a great Crab diner buffet, the crab is all pre cut so very little work when eating. As for gambling, try going down to Freemont Street. It's not as glitzy, however they still have the Biggest Margaitas down there and there are always better odds in old down town as I've always found.
I hope this helps out a little, I know you are going to have a trip of a life time. As for me, I'm off to the Sequoias this weekend to go camp and fish Wishon. Good luck and God bless and enjoy yourself here in America.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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