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Hello from Tennessee

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Hi, I'm Bill. My wife, Gail and I camp a lot. We have a 37 foot Jayco Designer series 5th wheel. We have been camping since 2004. In this time, we have taken camping trips as far away as Texas, Louisiana and South Mississippi. We really enjoy it, especially with our grandchildren. You will very seldom see us without at least one of our 6 grandkids. Our favorite place to camp is Hot Springs, Ark. We also like to camp with friends and family members. Camping brings people together and creates lasting memories.
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your grandkids are lucky, those are memories they will cherish forever. Spoil em rotten:p
We have heard much about the grandchildren. Spoiling them is wonderful to do. A grandparent that does things with the children along! These will be great memories for them that will last their lifetime.
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