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After doing my first real camping experience (at age 39) with kids (girls ages 7 and 9) which was their first as well, I want a taste of more.

I live in southern Illinois in Randolph County, about an hour south of St Louis; there is a bridge to cross (Chester il - Mississippi river) that goes in towards perryville mo, a gateway into the Ozarks.

Also have Shawnee national forest to my south and east so hundreds of camping options within a 2 hour drive of me.

But with a unique situation; I am a truck driver who drives locally a roll off dump truck... only one who does it. So I do not get any days off. I benefit with sat and Sundays being short and managing my own schedule (this was agreed upon before hiring).

So when I want a day off I got to schedule at least a week in advance; get 5 vacation days and may get granted 5 personal days depending on situations so I can't just pick a camp night at spur of the moment.

That is why I joined this site to get info on how to make each campout count, cause I ain't got time for trial error and improve next time.

My main interests in camping are improving luck at getting a fire to take and want to get into dispersed camping or backpacking.

That's it so far... oh yeah the company I work for makes marshmallows so I can get lots of those for free.
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