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Hello from Oklahoma

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This is my first time at this site. My husband and myself have been camping here in Oklahoma for the last five to six years, but have camped for most of my life. We own a small pop up camper, that currently is being repaired from ice storm damage from december, but hope to hit the campgrounds once repairs complete.

I started out as a child with my parents in the old canvus tent. Gradually we went into a tent camper. I am sold on those, because they are easier to tow and they get you off the ground.

I found this site and I think it is wonderful to have. I look forward to participating and to get great ideas from everyone.
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HELLO and a great big WELCOME ! We had a pop-up camper for almost 24 years and had the most fun and then as we grew :shocked: and it became harder to set up so we moved onto a travel trailer.

Our first camper was a Cox tent camper it was just canvas and two beds, boy that was some good memories, we paid 300.00 and tryed to talk the man down from that...hehe
Welcome aboard tweety!

Popup campers are great, especially for those who just want to move out of a tent, but dont want anything thats hard to tow and maneuver.

Glad to have you on board, hate to hear about the damage. Hopefully you will be ready for the upcoming season! What kind of damage did it take?
We had a limb come down from a tree and hit the top near the front. One of the branches on the limb punctured the roof completly through. Thank god it was a pop up, because the water pooled in the canvas that is over the wing when it is folded down, and it prevented anything else to be damaged by the water.
I remember when my parents bought their first pop up and they paid 550.00 for it. I know that was around 1980 (I am dating myself) , and that camper was heavy but slept eight. They did get quite a few years out of that camper.
Is your dog in the picture a westie?
Is your dog in the picture a westie?

HEhehe, thanks for asking, it's actually a "mutt ", he's a cockapoo and just turned one today, I'm suprised WE lasted the's full of play.

We use to have a westie about 15 years ago, he was the sweetest doggie and lived a full life.

Anyways Tucker say " woof, woof " !:D
Hello tweety, welcome! You found a great place, good people here and always willing to help out if you need it
Welcome to the site Tweetie
Oh, it looks almost like my dog that is a westie lapso apso mix. Sweetest dog on the face of the earth.
Oh, it looks almost like my dog that is a westie lapso apso mix. Sweetest dog on the face of the earth.
Oh I bet he's a cutie, my doggie is just FULL of play from morning until night, he's good at camping though, loves to go .

Haven't been camping in OK. yet, any good campgrounds to recommend ?
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