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Hello from North of 60

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Hello everyone. First time camper long time tenter. Currently located in Yellowknife, Canada however I've been a bluenoser up until last summer.

Recently picked up a 1966 Golden Falcon camper trailer. It's an interesting piece of equipment that was completlely gutted and redone by it's previous owner. It originally came complete with a porcelain toilet and full convection oven. Currently sports some wild track lighting and a disco ball.

Looking forward to expanding my camping horizons and absorbing as much info as possible.


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Welcome!:welcome: Glad to have somebody from the Western part of our great country here!

Just made that comment yesterday to another Ontarian! :)

Great to have you here.
Welocome to the forum. Sounds like an interesting camper. Love to see some pics of that.
I saw that comment you made. I laughed my butt off when I did. I've been playing that 6-49 for ever and never won but according to your post, I have a better chance!!! Thanks LOL :)
Welcome! :thumbup1:
Hope you enjoy it here! good times...
Thanks guys. Just a note, I may be in the west but I'm East at heart. The only camping I've done up here so far was last fall using an improvised shelter as part of a Northern survival course. The fishing was fantastic and the nights cold. We'll be getting out this weekend for a few days, the old girl is on call so we'll be sticking to the closest site to town the "Fred Henne Territorial Park". It'll be our first time camping there, but it was a regular spot to take the dogs for some excersise last summer.

The 66 Falcon is definatly an interesting rig. We're getting some tye dyed curtains made up which should be ready for the weekend. Next up, some orange shag carpets.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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