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Hello from Long Island, NY

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Hi! This is my first post to this forum. I enjoy these forums to share ideas, experiences, mods etc for our camping experience. We own a Starcraft 3606 pop-up. We really enjoy it - my bed in the pop-up is bigger than my bed in my house!! We have three children DD 9, DS 7 and DS 3. They really enjoy camping. My husband has been camping most of his life through the Boy Scouts as well as family camping. I didn't start camping until my 20's and really enjoyed, so we have continued to camp. The pop-up makes the experience even better than ever. We often camp with a Camping club we found on LI as well as just us and with friends. I am looking forward to blogging which I haven't done yet about our experiences.:thumbup1:
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Hello, welcome! Glad to have you here, hope you will enjoy it. Look forward to reading your blogs!
Welcome to the forum 5happycampers. Also look forward to reading blogs about your experiences.
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