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Hello from Fremont CA

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My wife and I have done a lot of tent camping over the decades, and we've found that campers are on average very friendly. We recently retired so we bought a very small Jayco trailer (with a queen bed!) late last October which we have used a few times. Currently we're waiting out the Winter before starting a series of adventures that we hope will take us to the four corners of the U.S.A, and in between. We have a LOT to learn, but so far the trailer and RV veterans have gone out of their way to help and give advice. It's wonderful to know that the camping community is so close. I can't wait for Spring!
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Welcome to the forum Bob :welcome:

Sounds like your in for one heck of a camping season this year. I hope your able to find interenet connections along the way to give us updates.
Welcome Bob. It does sound you have quite a road trip planned. Our members here can certainly help you with any questions you may have along the way, and we would all love for you to keep us updated on your travels
If you need any help with Pennsylvania, I am glad to assist!

Welcome to the forum, and keep us posted on your destination on your way to those four corners!
Hi Bob, welcome aboard. Hope to see you on the forums!!
So how is it out in CA these days? I hear its extremely dry in many parts, and there is a lot of worry of fires again. Hopefully not. Been doing any camping yet?
Hi Billy,

Just a quick note - I keep trying to reply to messages only to have the session time out because I get distracted by something else.

We're having a great winter here in Northern CA. Rainfall is above average and we're in good shape for water.

Karen and I have not gone out yet this year, but we do go camping at leat once every year, and more now that I'm retired. We have high hopes for good adventures in the years to come.

I see you're from Arizona, though I'm assuming you have lived in CA. If so, where? My mother-in-law lives in Tucson, which is nice but a tad hot for me.

Take care,

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Welcome to the Forum Bob

So you have retired and live in Freemont, CA? The pictures I have seen of California are beautiful. It's a mixture of blue water, deep rich forests, and mountains rising out of skyline. I can see why you love it. You bought a Jayco with a queen bed. That is a gorgeous trailer . The outside is slim and the inside is nicely furnished with everything. I'd like to welcome you again.:welcome:
Welcome to the site bob
Welcome to the site bob! I hope you enjoy it.
:welcome: aboard Bob. I lived in Fremont many years ago. I was stationed at Moffet Field and lived in Fremont. I used to hate those "LONG" commutes home, especially in the evening. If I were to move back to the bay area, Fremont would be my first choice. I'm sure it has changed very much since I left in 1989. We used to go up to the Delta and go boating.
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