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Hello from Delaware

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:10220:Hi everyone, I guess you can say that my husband and I are total noobs to the camping world as the last time we camped was about 14 years ago, and that was tent camping. Now that we are getting closer to retirement, we have regained our interest in exploring our wonderful country.
I found this site from another website in which I found a post by Ruide, so I went to his blog which led me here. (Which, by the way Ruide, I was very touched by your story and have put you in my prayers also.) So, I am just going to read and read and read and get up-to-date on what we need to start again.

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:welcome: to the forum and I'm so glad you found it. You will find the folk here are very friendly and willing to help.

Thanks also for the kind words and prayers. I am fortunate in that I feel I have a lot of friends that are walking with and supporting me on my current journey.

Take care and welcome again.

Welcome to the forum Nina! Ever need any help, dont hesitate to ask and someone will definitely help you out.
Welcome to the site~!
Thank you for the welcomes, and I know we will have many questions once we get started on this quest. We are really looking hard at truck campers at this point as we want to be able to fit into the tight spaces of national forest campgrounds and pull a trailer behind us as we want to start riding atv's.

Welcome to the forum Nina.
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