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Also remember that the weight of the camper given by the manufacturer means that the propane is empty, the fresh, grey, and black water tanks are empty, and there are no options installed (such as A/C).

The G-212 is rated at 3598 when it is empty and has no options installed. It is rated to safely weigh 4800. Remember that filling up the fresh water and packing the camper will add to the hitch weight - I agree with getting the weight distributing - makes it a lot easier (and nicer) to pull.

The T-231 is rated at [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]3751 when empty, but can go up to 7500. Just be careful. I first started towing with a V6 explorer, and the best I could do was 45-50 MPH on flat roads. That was a '93, and was basically a piece of junk. Much happier in a V8 Suburban.

Trail Manors and Hi-Lo's can be expensive, but may suit your vehicle better.

And welcome to the site :welcome:
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