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Welcome to the site Fred.

The way I have always heard, and followed.

You need to start with the max tow rating for your truck and then subtract all the extra weight you are carrying. This will tell you the available towing capacity which you can match against the GVWR of the trailers you are considering.

The Chevy towing specs are located here under trailering. This info is for 2006 vehicles, not sure what year model you have, but 05 would be about the same.

You are starting from 4800 lbs, depending on the details of your truck and assuming you have the 4.3 Vortec V6.

Determine the weight of any passengers riding with you as well.

I always deduct 10% from the total weight as well for packed goods, luggage, bikes, water tank, etc.., for a safety margin, and 20% if your towing in the mountain regions. Especially when towing with a V6 I would do this, maybe not so much if towing with a heavy duty diesel.

So for instance, your starting with 4800 pounds. You deduct (guessing) 130 pounds for your spouse (deduct more if more than one passenger), which gives you 4670 pounds.

Then you deduct 10% for an "safety allowance" that leaves you with 4293 pounds. I would recommend finding a trailer that did not exceed GVWR of 4300 pounds.

I havent looked lately, but there are quite a few of lite model campers on the market today. Not sure what the GVWR is for most of them off hand. Is the Palamino your looking at one of their light model campers?

This is just my 2 cents for what its worth :thumbup1:
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