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Hello campers

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My name is David. Live in NC near SC boarder. Been camping in only 5 states. Hope to do the Appalachian trail one day. And then some rockies. I only primitive camp in places hard to get to with out a big 4x4. Been hard lately because of gas. I used to camp every weekend. Spent summers camping in deep woods in Alabama. I was a boyscout for a few years as a young kid. Since I moved to NC its hard to find places.
I also love to work on hot rods, jeeps, and bikes. Drag racing, to rock crawling. No woman in my life to make me grow up. And if one tries to she gets the boot.
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Hey David, welcome.

Sounds like you have a lot of fun when you camp! Gas definitely makes it harder these days, but we just have to do what we can.
Welcome to the board David!!! :welcome:

Tent campers unite!!! Okay... maybe we are outnumbered... but I still have to rally the troops every once in a while... right?

I am glad you found us. You will love it here!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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