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Have you seen this before?

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I dont know why I cant come up with something like this when I am struggling to hang the lights on the trailer. This looks really nice

Actually you could use it for hanging a lot of different things, but I may get one for hanging my lights.
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Boy oh boy, what a time saver that would be. I hadn't seen this before but it does look like something I could get used to having around.

Just holding the lights is a biggy.
Looks nice. My wife loves hanging lights. The more lights the better and this looks like it doubles everything.
That is interesting, never seen that before. I may get us one for the upcoming season, would save me some time I think, or cause me more hanging work, one or the other. :scratchhead:
i saw those on the website before, still debating on getting one. Looks like a great idea to me
This look quite interesting with accessories like lights. It really add so much to the awning look. I love it at Christmas. You could use it for other things as well. What a neat way to use a hook.
Does look nice. We like to hang lights and stuff as well, this could be beneficial.
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