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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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Well, I sent my little guy to school today in a shirt that said, "Irish Girls Love Me"... and it is SO true.

I mean, I am Irish, his sister is Irish... and we sure do love him!!!! :rotflmao1:

Today, we will eat lime jello, pistachio pudding, drink some "shamrock shakes", and kiss each other A LOT cuz we are after all IRISH!!!!

I hope everyone else enjoys their St. Patty's Day!
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Happy St. Patricks day to you too. There will be lots of green beer drinking today! Have fun.
Happy St. Pats day all! Green beer, here I come :)
Right back to you! I think i forgot to wear green today :(
Happy St. Patties Day to all my Irish friends...

Drink lots of Green Beer for me :thumbup1:
Happy St. Patrick's Day and I wish you a nice time. I watched , on T.V., all the celebration and speeches that were made today in honor of the holiday. Most people love it, and my girls went to school with green today. My second to youngest had a new green panda shirt. Do most of you drink the green beer? I 've had regular beer, but not the green.:comfort_:
All it is, is food colouring in the beer to make it green and start chugging. Lots of fun! But I'll feel it in the morning I'm sure. Oh Boy.........Good night!
Well, I didnt have any green ones, but the regular beer was just as cold and good.
Well my middle name is Patrick, and my last name is I'm suppose to celebrate today. I get out of work at 3, and head to O'Hares Bar for a nice cold Guinness.:yippie:
They are out of Guinness and green Miller Lite.:smack-head:The parade was yesterday and the place was busy, and drank them out of the Irish flavors but one.. So I had to have a couple cold Killians.:thumbup1:
Sounds like there may be a few people who might be feeling a little under the weather? I am Irish, but because my little one has been sick, I didn't wear green or participate in any festivities. My parent are visiting and they always have corned beef and cabbage, but had to pass this year because I don't like corned beef and my husband doesn't like cabbage. they will have to wait until they get back home.
I can't beleive that St. Pat day has already came and gone and now Sunday is Easter...this year is flying by. :icon_smile_bike:
OUCH!.......I have a head ache. All in great fun though. Shhhhhhh. Don't type so loud!
OUCH!.......I have a head ache. All in great fun though. Shhhhhhh. Don't type so loud!
I also didn't feel so well this morning. Thank goodness I didn't have to be into work unitl 9am instead of the usaul 7am:smack-head:
Sounds like you guys need a little "hare of the dog" :)

I have to say this is my favorite Irish holiday :rotflmao1:

It is hard to believe terri, its absolutely flying by! It seems to me we just had Christmas weeks ago....

Antigua, Roadhouse, heres to ya!!

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shhhhh....everyone whisper... :10309:
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